dream beyond sleep.

Jul 16

Christian-Religous Virtues.

don’t pop molly to celebrate a death. value life don’t fucken breeze by a stop sign in life be a fucking human.

Jul 8

french menu’s in society.

inspire yourself to be great and watch what you shape out to be and you can use anything to achieve you greatness even if your the only one that recognizes it. I do all kinds of things and find joy in doing and reacting in the most weirdest ways. Hobbies are cool, every great mind needs those. I always presumed to ask the question of why more than how and that’s how my smile stays on and my spirit stays thirsty. The path however might illuminate others in different ways and people may become lost but you must remember your light and charge ahead with courage. Inventing in todays world is defined as renewing or reinventing something and not a lot of people can adapt to society in a strong held way. Life is, was, and always will be illuminated by the beauty you allow to circulate around your life. SUPER CHARGE YOUR VIDA. Living is the ultimate lucky number & living is the ultimate blessing.  - Phillip Joesph Osuna III



carry it.

carry it.

I want to climb one. SOON, CHASE YOUR DREAMS.

I want to climb one. SOON, CHASE YOUR DREAMS.

NOW watching.

NOW watching.

Jul 4


 when you express innocence you gain something in return, honesty and ignorance that can grow to be blissful thinking. RUN, RUN,RUN, and watch what you start is what I say. I say don’t allude yourself to anyone’s lifestyle, I say you paint with chalk and clay your picture perfect view everyday. I like paint because paint brings out every color in the universe and with color you can out due time and see things beyond measure.when the earth flows it just doesn’t stop moving like the conscious of a lion. …. … Morse code works.?

Jun 12

Night Stars and Toilet Paper.

contradictions are everywhere.

Jun 6

blessed beyond the measure of a bike.

you can drive down a road with a bike and feel only life. you can drive down the road in a car and fake life…..but that depends on the human. I don’t drive. I ride my bike. I fell in love with it over the last two days and let me tell you I cant stop riding. life isn’t strawberries but the watermelon god delivers is a blessing. Women are gold right now but my sun always goes down right before summer starts getting crazy. I have advice to share wth you guys when it comes to life get one and become a fucken genius yourself. The RICH don’t win wars men do. ARRACK jail time might suck. hahahaahahahah |*-*| <——play that bitch.

Jun 3

jumping into rivers.

my phone rings differently. life is on big piece of cake. today I wont say I had a good day but it was a better one. bike riding is a new thrill.  god is amazing no matter what people say Mighty is a strong word to live by.

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